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The New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association is organized and operates exclusively for scientific and educational purposes on a nonprofit basis.

The Association endeavors to assist in protecting the public health and the environment and preserving the investment of public funds in New Mexico by promoting proper design, construction, operation, performance evaluation, and management of water and wastewater utilities.

The Association is active in representing the views of New Mexico Utility Operations personnel on legislative matters affecting the water utilities field.


The Association was first organized in March 1956 as the New Mexico Water and Sewage Works Association. In May of 1958 the Association membership overwhelmingly adopted a voluntary operator certification plan as a means of encouraging professional development of its members, and all operators, throughout the State

One of the Association's primary goals has been to provide training for water and wastewater operators in the areas of operations, maintenance and management of their systems.

The Association has worked, over the years, to maintain a liaison with groups such as: New Mexico Environment Department; New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission; New Mexico Joint Training Coordinating Committee; Operator Certification Advisory Board, DABCC Water Technology Program, New Mexico Municipal League, and DABCC water Utilities Technical Assistance Program.


In its efforts to encourage professionalism, the New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association gives both Facility and Personnel Awards to deserving recipients. Among the facility awards are "Good Housekeeping Awards" in both water and wastewater treatment systems. The "Max Summerlot Award" is given annually to the water or wastewater facility that demonstrates the highest excellence in the operations, maintenance, management, safety and professionalism of the system.

"Outstanding Operator of the Year Awards" and "Achievement Awards" are given to operators in various categories of utility operations.

The Association also offers tuition scholarships to qualifying applicants who enter a New Mexico training institution in the field of water and wastewater utilities design, operation, or management


The primary activity of the NMWWA is providing training for utility operators throughout the State. Some of the training opportunities that are sponsored or supported by the Association include:

Three one-week Short Schools which are held annually and involve training in all areas of water and wastewater utility management and operation

One and two-day workshops, presented by the NMWWA Sections, which are held in various locations across the State.

Monthly Section Meetings with various training topics. These meetings are held monthly by the six NMWWA Sections.


The Association feels that by providing professional training of utility operations and management personnel, its purpose of assisting in the protection of public health and the environment and preserving the investment of public funds can be achieved.

It is common knowledge in the Water and Wastewater Industry, that though proper operations and routine preventive maintenance of facilities, the useful life of those facilities can be extended significantly. The quality of water-whether drinking water or treated wastewater-can be improved through operations staff training.

The Association is proud of its history of helping communities and the taxpayers of New Mexico by equipping personnel in the water and wastewater industry to perform their duties in a qualified and professional manner.


Membership in the New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association is open to individuals with personal or professional interest in the Association's purposes. Active Association membership assumes membership in one of the regional sections of the Association.

Various membership categories include:

Active Membership
Associate Membership
Corporate Membership
Student Membership

The Association has for many years published its training information in regular newsletters sent to its members. This information is now provided through a publication of the NM Joint Training Coordinating Committee which is cosponsored by the Association. Members of the Association receive this quarterly newsletter which lists training available for that quarter.

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For additional information on the NM Water and Wastewater Association, please contact the Executive Manager at:

Caroline Martinez
Executive Manager
P.O. Box 819 Espanola, NM 87532
(505) 753-8840







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