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NM Water & Wastewater Association Awards Program

  • Good Housekeeping Awards (8)

  • Outstanding Operator of the Year Awards (5)

  • John Clark Award (1)

  • Charles Caldwelll Award (1)

  • Max N. Summerlot Award (1)

  • Ted Martinez Lifetime Awards

  • Caroline Sanchez Achievement Award (1)

  • Section President's Award (6)

  • Cynthia Hiers-Robinson Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award (wastewater)

  • Doug Roby Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award (water)

  • Scholarship Awards (2) "Harold Fox Memorial" & "Terry Mount" 

  • Special Awards

  • NMWWA President’s Award

All awards are presented at the Annual School banquet which is held the last week of January in Las Cruces. Following is a breakdown of each award, the selection process, categories, and other information that may help in planning for these awards.

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