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"Basic Water" Workshop Training (Online) 12 credits

August, 18-19 2021 On-Line Webex

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NM Water & Wastewater Association Update               

Date: February 23, 2021
To: NMWWA Utility Operators

From: Armando Cordero, President, New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association


New Mexico Operators:

The Executive Board and Staff will continue to provide remote training throughout 2021 year,

During the last few months, NMWWA staff and instructors have been working diligently on

methods of providing training and complying with current New Mexico Covid-19 mass

gathering requirements. The New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association is proud to

announce future training opportunities for Utility Workers in New Mexico.

A calendar listing of training short schools & workshops is available to all NMWWA members

and non-members. Visit our web site for pre-registration forms. NMWWA will be prepared to

transition to live training when Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.

NMWWA decided to continue awarding operators, facilities, instructors, and other awards

presented to our hard-working operators throughout New Mexico. We will do a 2022

67th Annual Awards Ceremony in January. Our goal is to have the ceremony in Las Cruces along

with the face-to-face training classes however, if that can’t happen, we will continue with the

Webex on-line training and ceremony.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NMWWA office for assistance.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and dedication during these trying



Armando Cordero,

NMWWA President


You can contact us at:

Office: 505-753-8840
Caroline Sanchez: 505-927-3857


Please stay Safe and Healthy Sincerely,
Armando Cordero. NMWWA President

Caroline Sanchez csmartinez@windstream.net 

Rose Trujillo rtnmwwa@gmail.com