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NM Water & Wastewater Association Update               7/2020


I hope this memo finds everyone in good health and good spirits. I would like to provide a little information regarding the New Mexico Water and Wastewater Association. It is unfortunate for all, that the strength of the NMWWA is the personal relationships between instructors and operators in our industry. The NMWWA will strive to provide an interpersonal engagement between instructors and operators during training events. Good news, the NMWWA will offer web-based, virtual training in September. It is the Fred Ragsdale Central School and it will be named in honor of our fellow member, Fred Ragsdale. This school will consist of 24 NMED approved training credits. Topics that will be covered will be math, wastewater characteristics, collections, water distribution, cross-connections, pumps and motors, activated sludge, chlorine handling and other water and wastewater materials.

Due to financial constraints that the NMWWA is experiencing, we have asked the local sections to assist with expenses associated to sending the Good House Keeping Tour committee to inspect nominated facilities for the State Good housekeeping awards. The NMWWA will also award Operator of the Year awards in various categories due November 2020. Please submit your nominations of qualified candidates for this prestigious honor.

Another new item is that work has begun on review of the Wastewater Study Guide. We look forward to its completion in the near future.

Caroline and Rose have been meeting with Eric Hall on a regular basis. They have been discussing training issues that have developed due to Covid-19. Bottom line, operators must continue to train on a regular basis to maintain their certification. THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED BY NMED FOR INSUFFICIENT TRAINING CREDITS!!!!

NMED will begin testing using a web-based testing company which will allow for immediate pass/fail results. Please contact the NMED for information on exams, credits, etc.

At this time, I would like to apologize for cancellation of workshops, short schools, and section meetings. We must be receptive to the utilization of web-based meeting platforms for training and testing purposes. Caroline and Rose have done a wonderful job in keeping the Association on course in that area.

You can contact us at:

Office: 505-753-8840
Caroline Martinez: 505-927-3857

Rose Trujillo: 505-423-5969


Please stay Safe and Healthy Sincerely,
Arthur Torrez. NMWWA President

Caroline Martinez csmartinez@windstream.net 

Rose Trujillo rtnmwwa@gmail.com

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