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NMWWA Presidents Memo - February 2024


To:  All New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association Members


I would like to thank you for selecting me as President of NMWWA. This will be the third time around, first in 2009 and then in 2012. As we begin the new year, I want to thank Caroline and Rose for their dedication to the Association and to the membership. Additionally, I want to thank the Executive Board Members and Section Officers.


As we move forward the commitment from these folks and well as the entire membership upholds the professionalism and loyalty not only to our Communities, Systems, the State; but to each other. The Annual Conference brought many of us back together for the first time in a year or longer. It is always good to see the Operators who have committed their lives to the State’s Water and Wastewater Facilities as well as to the safety to the people who receive those services.


The other encouraging aspect was the “new faces” at the Conference. It is good to see “new blood” into the ranks of the Operators. Overhearing their conversations and speaking to many of them, I know our profession is in-good-hands with their desire to learn, network and challenge the field.


This year the NMWWA Board and Staff will be looking at bringing other training opportunities in more of a specialized environment. We hope to be able to target training, which requires more time and expertise beyond the current training opportunities. I will keep you informed as we develop these endeavors.


I encourage you to participate by attending the Short Schools and Workshops and your Sections’ meetings and activities. Get involved! Also recruit your colleagues to participate and/or join the Association.



Martin G. Lopez

President, NMWWA

Southeast Section Workshop
Basic Classes 
August 14-15, 2024 
13 Credits



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