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NMWWA Presidents Memo - October, 2023


To:  All New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association Members


I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve as President of the NMWWA for a second time. It has been an honor to continue to work with the NMWWA Executive Board in continuing to provide important training and continuing education for both water and wastewater operators.  Here it is already October, and my term will be up in January, 2024.  If anybody is interested in running for State Office, please contact us. There is no profession in the world today that is more important in protecting the environment and ensuring that the public is provided with clean, safe, and potable drinking water supply than water and wastewater operators. YOU HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD! It takes a lot of time away from our families to maintain the operations of this very critical and sometimes very fragile infrastructure. I would like to thank all operators for your hard work and dedication!!!


I would also like to recognize Caroline Sanchez for her 50 years of continuing service for the NM Water & Wastewater Association as Executive Manager.  Caroline was hired by the Association on October 26, 1973. She has been instrumental in ensuring that this organization is held to the highest standards and has built many lasting relationships throughout her time as Executive Manager. Please reach out to Caroline and congratulate her on this great achievement.


Because of the increase of costs to continue the operations of the NMWWA, at the last NMWWA Executive Board meeting, it was decided to increase the registration fees of the 2024 major schools and the 2024 membership dues. Pre-registration forms and membership forms reflecting these increases, will be available on our website and will be e-mailed out soon to the membership. The 3 major schools will now be offering 30 credits for each school. The Section workshops will offer 14 credits.


It is also the time for you to be nominating your fellow co-workers for the “Operator of the Year” awards. These are due in November, however, do not wait, submit now. The awards are presented at the Annual Awards Banquet held in January in Las Cruces at the Hotel Encanto, and is a great opportunity to acknowledge operators for the hard work that they do.


Thanks again for your dedication in maintaining compliance with both federal and state permits and requirements. It takes everyone from upper administration to the boots on the ground to keep our Communities safe!  It truly takes a team to make this happen!




Lorenzo Sanchez

President, NMWWA

You can contact us at:

Office: 505-753-8840

Caroline Sanchez 

Rose Martinez


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